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More details on Murals in Koppal:

Left Hand Side

This part of the Mural space is dedicated to uphold the historical, cultural, social and spiritual legacy of Koppal district.
Mural in Koppal DOC Left side• Logo: A Logo of Government of Karnataka appears in the Top-right corner. This is necessary for any Government Building of the State.

• 11th Century Inscription: An inscription dated 1088 A.D. found near Huligemma Temple is used here. This inscription details that the Chalukya King Vikramadithya VI gifted this place (where the present Huligemma Temple is situated) to one Chuvedi (Chaturvedi) Bhatta. This inscription says, ‘Hulige’-meaning Vyaghrapuri’ in Sanskrit, is the ancient name of this place. This inscription is used to uphold the authenticity of this historical place.

• Picture of Huligemma: Available inscription in the temple says, ‘there was a place in Koppal called Hulige- Land of Tigers/Wild animals. A temple was constructed in 13th century called Huligemma meaning Amma-Goddess incarnate in Huli-Tiger’. People of this region worship this Goddess with fear and devotion. To uphold this Historical details and feelings of the people, we used the picture of Huligemma as seen in the temple.

• Idol of Jaina Thrithankaras: Once upon a time, Koppal was a holy place of Jainas. Gavimata (which is situated in the center of city), was a Jaina center. Idols of Thirthankaras and more than 20 Jaina inscriptions can be traced here. To symbolize this historical and spiritual information of this holy place, the Jaina-idol is used.

• Ashoka Stambha & Freedom Movement: A number of Prakrit, Sanskrit and Kannada inscriptions available in Koppal, substantiate Koppal was a significant place in the past. It seems once upon a time, Samrat Ashoka had stayed here for a short duration. Presence of two Ashokan edicts supports this thought. Also Koppal is noted for its freedom struggle. Mundaragi Bhimarao and Hemmige Kenchamagowda are the prominent freedom fighters of this place. Mundaragi Bhimarao died fighting here in 1858. A circle in Koppal city, named after this freedom fighter, also has Ashoka Stambha. Mural upholds these heroic incidents.

• Gavi Mata: Gavimata is an old and noted Veerashiva Matt. This is connected with a saint called Gavisiddeshwara. This mata runs schools, free boarding home, and college. Gavimata is a pious center having a large number of devotees. This spiritual center finds an important place in the hearts and souls of people of this region.

• Kinnahala Art: Kinhal, about 13 Km away from Koppal is noted for manufacture of toys and images. Chitragaras- an art family makes these kinds of toys and images. This family enjoyed the status of Court artists in the court of Mysore Maharajas. During this time this Chitragara family took this art to international levels. At present this art is near extinct. To respect and preserve this world famous art, we used the Kinhal art pattern.

• Tunga-Bhadra Dam & Sugarcane crop: A dam is constructed across the river Tunga-Bhadra in a place called Munirabad which is 8 KM away from Hospet in Koppal district. The construction of T-B dam drastically improved the economic status of this area. The Sugar cane crop, symbolizes the agricultural and economic prosperity of this region.

• Koppal Fort: Forts & monuments tell volumes about the past to the present generation.  Koppal has a huge hill fort. This hill fort helps to find the traces of Koppal history. Thus Mural has this fort in it.

Right Hand Side

This part of Mural space is dedicated to uphold the Glory of Vijayanagara Dynasty (since Koppal is very close to world heritage center Hampi) and ongoing development and public welfare projects of Government of Karnataka.

Mural in DOC office Koppal - Right Side• Logo: This beautiful District Office Complex is developed by Karnataka Housing Board (KHB) thus its logo is used.

• Project Bhoomi and Akshara Dasoha: The two very popular public welfare projects of Government of Karnataka. Project Bhoomi literally takes the Information Technology to common man. This Bhoomi helps the formers of the state to get their land records in few seconds.  This project won many international awards and now drawing much national & international government’s attention. Akshara Dasoha- a Mid-day meal for School children is another important public welfare project of the state government. Which contributing significantly in reducing school-dropouts.  To spread the awareness about government’s popular programmes mural include these two.

• Art sequence appearing in Mahanavamidibba, the Stone Chariot, the Security post, idol of Ugranarasimha and idol of Hanuman are the world famous monuments that can be seen in the world heritage centre Hampi.  These monuments speak in volumes about the glorious era of Vijayanagara Dynasty and its Arts.  These characters evoke a serious of emotions in the people Karnataka. To give a glimpse of the past legacy these characters are used in the mural.

• Tomb: Muslim rulers who invaded Vijayanagar during that time ruined this place. This invasion led to a series of developments. One among them is the fusion of Indo-Islamic art. This tomb in Hampi is used to symbolize these events and also to depict the prevailing Social harmony between Hindus and Muslims of this region.

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